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Individual Counseling:

Counseling has a simple goal of making clients better by helping those who need it. It embraces the adage that ‘an ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure.’ Counseling seeks to help people before the problem becomes heightened to a pathological level.
Individual Counseling is more personalized and the practitioner is allowed to focus on the client’s specific problems. As a result, the professional can develop a set of recommendations, strategies and treatment tailor-fit to the patient’s situation. Individual therapy—also known as psychotherapy, talk therapy, or Counseling—is a collaborative process between therapist and client that aims to facilitate change and improve the quality in all spheres of life.

Children & Adolescent Counseling:
As children and adolescents grow, they continue to develop in so many very important ways. There are predictable ranges of cognitive, emotional, and social growth according to the age of a child and kids will experience shifts in their thinking, mood and behavioral patterns as they mature. During these periods of growth, it can be difficult for families to know when a change reflects the normal challenges in child development or, rather, signs and symptoms of something that more significantly interferes with their child/teen’s happiness, and/or functioning within their family, at school, or with social connections.

Working with children requires a special set of clinical skills and ability to connect with a child in their own voice. Children and adolescents receive mental health services for a variety of reasons. It is important to recognize that any problem needs to be considered in context with a child’s development.

Marriage Counseling:
Marriage Counseling is important for addressing marital concerns .
Enables the couples take time out of their busy lives and come together to really focus on themselves.
The counselor acts as a sort of mediator between the spouses and facilitates healthy and effective communication. It is particularly helpful where couples are set on improving their relationships but are not sure how to go about doing so.
Counseling can help to analyze the behavioral patterns of the spouses and identify those which lead to conflict. Once such patterns have been identified, the couple can, with the help of the counselor, work on modifying them.
At times, where the couple has been reluctant or too busy to face the underlying issues that are causing problems in their marriage, Counseling can serve as a platform where these issues can finally be confronted.

Family Counseling:
Every family has its share of problems and difficulties, most of which have to be handled comprehensively to prevent a crisis. With every family unit using several methods to deal with such problems, family therapy and counseling is greatly recommended. Finding time to see a family therapist can help the family deal with much bigger problems and ensure every concern is handled and addressed properly.
The goal of family therapy is to improve the relationships and functioning of the members of the family as a unit.

Career Guidance Counseling:
Approaching a career counselor is essential when you are not sure about choosing a suitable career option. Selecting a career option determines your course of life. While a good decision at the right point of time can make your life pleasant, a wrong one can ruin it. Remember that these decisions are irreversible. In case of dilemma, it is also better to take professional help.

A career counselor is an individual trained to aid people with their career choice. Whether the person is new to the working world, or simply desires a change of profession, or choose the right stream of education, the career counselor will be able to guide them in the best possible direction. The Counselor helps in determining an imdividual’s true potential, clears their doubts and supports to boost the morale of the individual by understanding the kind of requirements.

Relationship Counseling:
Relationship Counseling is the process of Counseling the parties of a human relationship in an effort to recognize, and to better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship.

Relationship Counselling can be of huge benefit to any relationship, regardless of the nature or severity of your problems. Some of the major ways in which Counseling can benefit your relationship is in the areas of:-
1. Improving the way you communicate with one another, reducing the number and intensity of your arguments, enhancing your understanding of each other’s needs and reactions
2. Revitalizing lost intimacy and restoring a sense of loving connection in your relationship
3. Helping the parties to negotiate or re-negotiate commitments.

Stress & Anxiety Management:
Stress is often defined as the body’s response to the demands of life, though stress also involves emotions and the mind. It is the internal, conditioned reaction of a person to perceived external pressures and is experienced as thoughts and feelings as well as physical processes. A Counselor can often help treat any difficulties experienced as a result of coping with high levels of stress due to losing a job, getting divorced or going through a breakup, getting married, experiencing a change in financial status, having a child, experiencing a loss, being diagnosed with a serious illness, etc.
Talking with a professional about the difficulties you’re experiencing can help you understand any underlying issues that may be causing your stress – for example, low self-esteem. Working with your Counselor, you will then be able to identify your personal stress triggers and discuss ways of coping with them.

Addiction Counseling:
Substance abuse and behavioral disorder Counselors help people who have problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, deviant sexual behavior and eating disorders. They counsel individuals to help them to identify behaviors and problems related to their addiction. Counseling is done on an individual basis with the client or with the family member and conjoint based on the requirement. The Counselors assist the client in developing personalized recovery programs that help to establish healthy behaviors and provide coping strategies.
A conducive and a safe atmosphere for Counseling is available for women who are addicted to alcohol and other substances.

Counseling for Depression:
“It all started from a simple negative thought about myself, which spiralled out of control and transformed into a whirlwind of misery and despair.”
Unlike the occasional bout of feeling sad, depression will affect one’s daily life and make it hard for him/her to find enjoyment in day-to-day activities.
Some common reasons behind the development of depression may include:

Distressing life events
Childhood experiences
Physical illness
Sexual Abuse

“I spoke to a counselor as I could not see a way forward or how to change things in order to look after my own well-being. I am now on the right track and am able to handle things even on the most difficult days.”


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